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Cold days

It has been cold, cold, COLD outside lately! We've been spending quite a few days bundled up inside preparing things for baby sister's arrival and we've started closing up the activities for the year. :)

Parker had another makeup swim lesson this last week and so Jon got to swim with him again. Looks like they had a terrible time. ;) Nathan's lesson was earlier in the day and he did fantastic! We are now officially on Christmas/Baby break from both school and swim lessons!!

 Baby Gabriel was working on some tummy time at some friends' Christmas party and Parker said, "Gabriel do pushup!" and tried to show him how to do it. Ha!

On Sunday morning, we woke up to about 1.5 or 2 inches of snow! Nathan was ECSTATIC. He was bouncing off the walls he was so excited and I'm pretty sure he had on his snow gloves before I was even halfway out of bed. Parker was not quite sure what to make of it - the outfit or the brother. ;)

Two snow bunnies out making snow angels and one little man who might be more of a beach bum when he gets older... ;) Ha! He loved to stand out there and sing "Frosty the Snowman" and yell "it's snowing!" but he didn't like the snow at all. Didn't want to touch it, didn't want to stand in it. We finally got him a little warmed up to the idea but he still just wasn't a big fan.

They tried to make a little snowman but it wasn't the best packing snow. Love all these sweet boys!!

Sitting in the snow in Dad's truck. ;) It was just about time to come inside and warm up with some hot chocolate and hot from the oven blueberry muffins. Parker was more than ready but we had to drag Nathan inside. ;)

I've been a crocheting MACHINE lately - I think I've been busy almost every time the boys are in bed with Christmas gifts and getting things done for sweet baby E (love seeing your guesses on her name, by the way!). We got the green light at our appointment last week, so I'm not-so-secretly praying she comes sooner as opposed to later! :) Can't wait to see her precious little face!

Every year during Advent, we take the kids to get frozen yogurt and it's always one of Nathan's favorite traditions. Parker was a big fan of it too this year!

Love the nights when we are all snuggled up and reading Christmas stories together! And I LOVED Parker's hand on Nathan's shoulder. These boys definitely spend a fair share of time bickering but they are the best of friends and are rarely more than a few feet apart. Such a blessing!!

Let the countdown to Baby E officially begin! Three weeks from yesterday, if not sooner! Please keep her in your prayers! :)

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