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A letter to my boys

My sweet boys,

There is just so much to say and yet so much that I can't put into words! God willing, soon - very, very soon - there is going to be a wonderful little person who joins this family. And she will change everything!

It has just been the two of you for the last almost two years and I have just been so blessed to see how you two love each other. You are inseparable. Even when you are both tired and grouchy and bickering, you can't stand to be apart. I love that you have this bond! I love that you are so close. And I can't wait to see how your little sister fits into that bond.

Things will be different - oh, how things will be different! We will all have to adjust to this new way of life. Not only are we bringing in another baby, another soul, another child with needs and opinions and desires, we are also changing things completely by bringing in a sister. Boys, I am SO excited for you to have a sister! And she has no idea how blessed she is to have two older brothers who will watch out for her and protect her as she grows up.

I can't wait, sweet sons. I can't wait to watch you both with this new precious girl, another best friend, someone to round out the Three Musketeers. I can't wait to watch Parker become a big brother, to watch Nathan experience a baby sibling again. You are both in for so much fun!

You are so loved, Nathan. You are so loved, Parker! Never, ever forget that!!

Love you so much,

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