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Pumpkin Patch 2015

We have been going to the Galloping Grace Pumpkin Patch since Nathan was three months old, so it wasn't even a question about whether we would go this year. Just when. ;)

My family this year!! My boys look SO big to me in this picture!

And just for fun, here's some past pumpkin patch pictures:






Oh!! I just can't believe how FAST time is flying past!!

It's crazy how hard it is to get a picture of two kids looking at the camera, by the way. ;) God willing, next year is going to be ridiculous. ;) We went with Gammy, Pops and Cayce this year and had so much fun!

They loved the petting zoo and all the fun games!! It was crazy windy while we were there, so we didn't last too long, which was really sad. They moved the patch's location a couple of years ago, so it's a huge trek to get there now.

This picture makes me laugh just because they both were SO tired by this point. Ha! Too many games and too much pumpkin fun!

We've done this little ruler almost every year - he's getting too big!

Parker went between incredibly excited to see the "baby hee-yas", or miniature horses, and incredibly freaked out to touch them. He finally got brave enough to pet them and loved it. :)

All tired out and ready to take our new pumpkins home. :)

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