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Fall is here

We love fall!! It's part of the reason I've been soooo bad at posting here - we are soaking up the cooler days and trying to fit a lot of things in!

My beautiful grandmother came to visit for almost a week and we loved every moment of her being here! My boys ADORE her - we had the best time playing and visiting and catching up. :) We love her so much!

Nama wrote a book about her life a little while back and we pulled it out while she was here and were a little shocked at how similar she looked to Parker!! Here's a picture of Parker and Nama about the same ages - isn't that crazy??

This little guy and his cars. He plays with his Little People set almost every day - he LOVES cars! So fun to watch his imagination developing!! And I love that he's started putting the people in the cars by himself. ;)

Parker Bear loves to give hugs, steal shoes and wear his jammies. ;) And Kody is a good sport.

Backwards night at Sparkies! Nathan thought it was so much fun - though we had to draw the line at wearing his jeans backwards just for functionality. ;) On the way there he told me that Jesus was so powerful that after He died on the cross, He rose from the dead and all His blood had disappeared into "THICK AIR". Ha!

How I spent 90% of my time in October - writing, writing, writing. This particular day I went to a little cafe in town to work. Peach iced tea and ice cream - it was a good combination to get the words coming. ;)

Katie in Waiting releases November 20th!! Can't wait for you all to meet her! :)

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