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Days go by

I cannot believe how quickly the days are flying past right now!!

These two. They are the best of buddies and I just don't even have the words to express how thankful I am for that! They are completely inseparable. And for the most part, they play together really well! I pray every single night that they stay close the rest of their lives. Slow mornings playing in our jammies are some of my favorite days right now. :)

This little love has been doing a LOT of teething again lately - we are finally almost DONE! Poor baby - his bottom gums were bleeding again. He's such a sad, grouchy little man when he's got teeth coming in. Not that I can blame him! His top teeth have always broken a lot easier than his bottom ones.

Baby girl and I spent most of the last few weeks like this - working, working, working!! So excited for Katie in Waiting to release here SOON!!

We were driving through town one morning looking for balloons and we were stopped at a red light by this factory. Nathan looked out the window and said, "Mom, that's a nursery for hurt clouds. See? They fall down into that big tank and then they get taken care of and put back together and when they feel better, they send them back up that little pipe and back into the sky." Ha! His imagination just makes me laugh.

We had an ultrasound on the 15th and checked up on Baby Sister. She still looks great and her growth looks good - so thankful! We would very much covet your prayers for her safety over the next few weeks especially!

We stopped by Auntie Cayce's new store after chasing balloons one morning. There isn't much better in life on a cold morning than Starbucks in your jammy pants and snow hats. ;)

Love these crazy, busy, completely packed full days!!

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