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Balloon Fiesta 2015

I am backdating some posts because I have been terribly behind on here thanks to a deadline and company coming and a few other things that have been going on! But I didn't want to miss writing about our super fun fall!

This year was Parker's second Balloon Fiesta (and Nathan's SIXTH - what is happening??!). It was SO much fun! They loved it! And we had absolutely perfect weather for it, which never happens.

 We usually try to go sometime the first weekend, but this year we waited and went the second weekend. We did go chase balloons that first weekend though!

 Me and my balloon chasing crew. I love these mornings! They are some of my very favorite fall traditions.

Jon's aunt and uncle came into town for the Fiesta and we chased down their balloon one morning. Nathan got to stand in the basket! He was so excited!

We were nuts this year. We went to a special shape Balloon Glow on Friday night and then were totally crazy and got up the next morning at 4AM (after not even leaving the park until after 9PM the night before!) and went to the Mass Ascension. Not sure we will do that again, but we made it work with the help of lots of Krispy Kreme donuts. ;)

Friday night, we went with Bryant, Nicole and sweet little Gabriel. So much fun! We love their sweet little family!

Nathan's all-time favorite balloon - Spider-Pig!! We always have to find him and pose just like this. ;)

And my favorite balloons - the Bee family! Love these balloons! I make my family take a picture in front of them every year. ;)

This kid. He makes me laugh, he makes me crazy, he is just the funniest little stinker I know.

Parker was still in awe of the balloons at this point because they hadn't really been too loud yet. ;)

Us and our crazy boys!!

Love this - this doggy balloon was Parker's favorite! He talked nonstop the whole next week about the doggy with the blue hat who didn't say "woof". ;)
 Sweet boys. :)

Parker loved everything before the actual glow started but he did NOT appreciate the sound of the propane tanks. He spent most of the glow like this. Sweet boy. Jon and I were soaking in the snuggles though. ;)

We watched the fireworks, got the kids changed into their jammies in the car and both boys were out by the time we got through traffic and got home. Jon and I got stuff ready for the next morning and then we were both up at 4AM to leave by 4:30 and get to the park before the traffic got terrible again.

 Donut picnic before the sun comes up - I'm pretty sure the boys thought we'd never left the park since they went to sleep in the car and woke up the next morning back in the car. ;)

Dawn patrol! These balloons inflate and rise first to make sure the winds are good up higher. Love that they send up the flag and play the Star Spangled Banner. :)

Next to a balloon!

And we found Spider-Pig again! Told you about the pose. ;)

We met this cute girl there - we love Aunt Cayce!! So excited that she came with us!

Love this girl so much!

I'm pretty fond of this guy too. ;)

I love this picture.

Parker is a big fan of Auntie Kiki. ;)

This baby is huge now - I can't believe how big he's gotten even in the past few months!

We had such a wonderful time at the Fiesta this year!! The weather was absolutely perfect and we loved going with our family. :) Love that my kids are growing up with this tradition just like I did. :)

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