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A little pre-Halloween special


Nonnie and Papa O came to visit just in time for the Fall Carnival at Jon's school - the boys LOVED having them there!!

My little nutcracker and tiger. Parker could barely see but he absolutely loves his tiger jacket, so there was no way he was taking it off. ;)

 They walked like this to see more of the games and it about killed me.

Nonnie and Papa O treated the boys to an afternoon at one of the bounce houses in town - they had a total blast. Parker couldn't make it up to the slides by himself, so Jon had to carry him up there. Ha!

Stopped bouncing for half-a-second to smile for his mom.

This little blur was not willing to do the same. ;)

My boys. I am so blessed - love these two more than I can ever put into words!! I can't wait to see them being big brothers to their little sister!

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