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Parker is 18 months old!

I have so much to catch up on still, but yesterday, my sweet Parker Bear turned 18 months old.

Seriously, I have no idea where the time is going. We were looking back at old pictures this weekend and I swear he was just born last week. And it scares me because I know it will just go faster and faster like it has with Nathan.

So, since I haven't done a monthly update on him since he turned a year, I thought today would be a good day to have a post that is all about our little Parker love. :)

Parker is SO happy. All the time. Unless he is hungry, teething or tired and then he is very, very mad. He has two extremes, this child. When he is happy, he is uncontrollably happy and dancing and hopping and running as fast as he can to keep up with Nathan. And when he is mad, he is usually screaming and crying and not letting go of my leg. ;) Thankfully, those times are usually pretty rare!

He has become a great sleeper, which is something I never thought I would say about this kid! Ha! He takes a great 2.5 to 3 hour nap every day and then sleeps at least 12 if not 13 (or even 14!!) hours at night. He is super attached to his pacifier (Nathan got him to call it a baba), his Mickey Mouse ("MeMo"), his Pooh Bear and his blanket.

Parker loves to talk. LOVES. TO. TALK. He talks or yells all day long. I've lost count of how many words he says, but his favorite ones are Naynen, Baba, MeMo, Mama, Daddy, Dodo (Kody), EAT, Ice (which means water, I finally figured out), No, Mine, Nack (snack), Play, Jump, Ball, FOOT-ball and watch. He's started putting two and three words together so he'll say, "Play Naynen" and "Want nack" and "Mama hold please". He is VERY good about saying please and thank you and he will sometimes burst out in the Roll Call from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He loves to watch anything Mickey Mouse but especially loves a sing-along movie I have from the 80s of all the characters and a bunch of kids singing Disney songs in Disneyland. He has become fairly demanding about it: "WATCH MEMO. MOTE? MOTE?" (asking for the remote) ;) He loves to play with cars and will drive them around the house. He loves anything and everything that Nathan is doing because Nathan is his bestest buddy in the whole world.

He can jump and get both feet off the floor and he does a fantastic somersault. He laughs with his whole entire body and his little cheesy smile is my favorite thing in the whole world. He has the best cheeks for kissing and he loves to snuggle, especially at night or first thing when he wakes up. He is incredibly loud. His new favorite night is Thursdays when Nathan is gone at Awana because then he gets mine and Jon's total attention. He has been known to hit when he is not happy, but he's pretty good about saying "I sowwy" and giving hugs later.

We just adore our little Parker Bear! He has completely transformed our family and I cannot imagine it without him. Love my little man!

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