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Good morning and happy fall!! :)

Life lately here has been pretty much set in routine and it's been wonderful. We are finally figuring out what the weeks are going to look like this fall and it's just been glorious. The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and it's just been perfect here. ;)

And hey, speaking of fall, guess what is now available for pre-order?? So excited for you guys to meet Katie! (And side note, it says 52 pages on the Amazon page, but it is actually a full-length book. Attempting to fix that!!) Katie in Waiting releases on November 20th!

This little love has been a sleeping machine lately. So thankful, because he's also cutting his top two eye teeth and he has been just miserable a few days this week. :( We have have had a couple of days of living on baby ibuprofen, Mama snuggles and the most annoying Mickey Mouse DVD in the entire world. This baby loves his "MeMo". And potato soup and "bwead". ;)

Jon listed his first house this past weekend! So proud of my extremely hard working man - he's never been one to sit still. ;) Praying that God blesses this new venture of his. And I think his helper is about the cutest real estate assistant in the world. Anyone need a house? ;)

Parker can still fit into most 12 month clothes (proof that he's a lot shorter than Nathan ever was - by this point, Nathan was mostly in 24 month!), but his pants were getting pretty short on him, so I pulled out all the 18 month clothes and washed them and got them in his room this week. He found Nathan's old Halloween costume and has barely taken it off. Poor kid has been sweating to death in it, but he's just so cute! He poked the fluffy tummy, looked at me and grinned and said, "Baby!" Ha!

Nathan started running a 101 fever Monday night when he went to bed, so we stayed home from school on Tuesday and had a movie day instead. He didn't run a fever the whole day and was basically back to normal Tuesday night, so I'm not sure what was going on, but Tuesday was nice and rainy and it was a good day to just be sick and lay around.

And that's been our life lately!! Loving this time with these crazy boys!!

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