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Durango :)

So sorry for the lack of consistent posting lately!! If I have a spare minute to sit down when I'm not falling asleep, I'm working my hardest on Katie in Waiting (official release date coming soon!!), so I haven't had a lot of time to write on here!

We spent a fantastic Labor Day weekend in Durango with our dear friends Jen and Greg and their kids Noah and Emma. :) Noah is six months older than Nathan and Emma is one month exactly younger than Parker, so it was perfect ages! We rented a little cabin in the middle of nowhere down the LONGEST dirt road ever and had the absolute BEST time!

These two were together all the time. Constantly. Parker was NOT a fan of Noah by the time we left because he stole his bestest buddy. ;) They played so well together! We surprised Nathan with the trip, so he was SO excited to see Noah and play with him!

Parker and Emma in the gazebo by the cabin. :) These two had a love/hate relationship. Emma finally warmed up to us only to get beat up on by Parker for coming close to "MY DADDY" or "MY MAMA". Oy. We have some possessiveness to work out before January comes. ;)

The five of us. ;)

There was a huge meadow by our cabin, so the dads took the big boys out and taught them both how to use a BB gun. Noah was a total natural!

Me and my little buddy. :)

The dads and big boys went for a walk to spot some wildlife, so we kept the little ones at home. A chipmunk kept coming up on the deck, so we put little pieces of a Nutri-grain bar and cheetos on the deck to lure him up there for the kids to watch. Parker was completely fascinated! It's all he talked about. ;) And thanks to Nathan singing "Let It Go" the whole hike, we saw more wildlife than they did. Ha!

The whole gang!! Love these people!

We walked through town and saw a couple of horses pulling a wagon, so we had to stop and get a picture with the "hee-ya" like Parker calls it. ;)

More hee-yas! Parker tried so hard to fit in with the big boys. ;) Love how he says "hee-ya" instead of "yee-ha". ;)

Jen and Greg gave the boys these awesome lego construction sets that they worked super hard on. So sweet. I know Nathan loves that he has something that matches Noah now. ;)

The buds in bed. This is the first time Nathan has slept in the same room with someone who isn't me or Jon and he did pretty good! The first night they were up SO early, so we laid down the ground rules and they behaved a lot better after that.

Our last dinner before heading home. Love my sweet family.

Such a wonderful trip!! My favorite parts were when the babies would be napping and Jen and I would get a cup of coffee and just talk. Love my friend. Loved our time together!! Already excited for next year. :)

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