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Baby #3 - 25 weeks

I have no idea how this happened, but somehow, we are 25 weeks along with this sweet little love.

All in all, things are going great! According to the books, she is about one and a half pounds now. We've also passed the "age of viability" of 24 weeks - so thankful! She is not super active during the day but as soon as I get the boys in bed and sit down, she starts wiggling around in there. ;) I've also wondered if she is active when they are up and I just am so distracted with the boys that I don't notice. I don't sit too often when they are up but that is about to change - I've been getting so tired lately! I also still carry my twenty-five pound Parker often (and he now has to sit on top of the bump) and that's going to have to not happen as frequently either - I am just achy at the end of the day.

Since we have the same cord issue that we had with Parker, I am going to be doing more frequent ultrasounds again and so our next one is in two weeks. So excited to see that sweet face again!

I still haven't been sick (SO thankful!) but I've been having heartburn the last two weeks and my poor ligaments are just done. Third child is painful! I am too old for this now. ;) I have been loving all things sweet and baked lately and really loving milkshakes again. Just another reason that I'm gaining more weight again. :)

I've been pinning all kinds of baby girl things on Pinterest and I started working on her baby blanket this week during the evenings. 

So thankful for this precious girl! There are still mornings where I wake up in shock over this sweet baby. I'm so blessed with my boys and now this little one. So grateful! Jesus is good.

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