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We just keep on moving over here!! Which is a good thing, because anytime I sit down, I fall asleep. ;)

This little stinker head has had a language EXPLOSION lately - I've lost count on how many words he says. His new favorite thing is to tell knock-knock jokes (thanks Nathan), only he made up one and it made us laugh so now, he just says that over and over again. ;) He'll say, "Knock-knock!" We say, "Who's there?" "Me-Nee-Na" (aka, Banana). "Banana who?" "Cheesestick!" Ha! Such a goof. He LOVES to read and the second you sit down, he's in your lap with a book.

Nathan is SO excited to start school and he starts in just a little over a week!! (Insert the tears) We are going to be doing a program that has him going to school one day a week and then being homeschooled for the remaining four days. We went school supply shopping yesterday and his new backpack is in the mail and he is STOKED. He loves to pull out his school stuff and look at it all. ;)

Baby #3 is growing like crazy (and so am I!!). I've been feeling him/her more and more and I'm so excited for Jon and the boys to be able to feel the kicks too! Almost halfway there!
We have our gender reveal ultrasound in a little over a week as well and the days are just going so so slowly right now while we wait for it. I'm still pretty convinced it's a boy, but I'm excited to know for certain!!

I spend 90% of my days telling the boys to "be kind" or "keep your hands to yourself" or "Parker, stop hitting" or "Nathan, get out of his face!" They are inseparable and have so much fun together while also making each other insane. Typical siblings, right? ;) It's so fun to watch Parker being able to do more and more with Nathan.

Loving this time with my boys!! Hoping to get back into the regular blogging routine here with our regular fall schedule picking up. :)

Also, SO excited to show this fun thing that is coming up...

YAY! As soon as I have a release date for the first of this new series, I will let you know!!

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