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YES. We are expecting our third little love this coming January....and we could not be more shocked or excited!! :)

Most of you know the story of Parker, but to sum it up, we tried for two and a half years, including about five months of fertility treatments, and still didn't get pregnant until we miraculously did two days before Nathan's third birthday. So, I was pretty much convinced that Parker was my last pregnancy.

We had started talking adoption before Parker was conceived and continued talking about it off and on for the next few years and finally, in April, we were praying about it and decided it was the time to start. We have such a HUGE heart for adoption!! We sent in our pre-approval application and found out that we qualified for the waiting child program in China.

And the very next day, I woke up and just knew. So I took a test and this showed up:

Needless to say, we were both completely, overwhelmingly shocked!! As were our close friends and family, since they all knew we were hoping to start the adoption process this summer. What a way for God to change our plans. ;)

So, Parker and this little one will be 21.5 months apart. It's going to be a little more nuts around here than it already is. And we can't wait!

Things have been SO different this time around - I have barely been sick at all and I was fairly sick with Nathan and REALLY sick with Parker, so I am so thankful this time! I have been pretty hungry and super tired but part of me wonders how much of the tiredness is from just chasing two VERY busy boys around all the time. Anytime I sit down, the odds are really good that I will be asleep before I even realize I've laid down. ;)

We had a scare during our first ultrasound - we weren't able see the baby (completely and horribly terrifying!). But then four days later, our little one popped up immediately on the screen with a fantastic heartbeat and measuring exactly seven weeks and one day. Such relief!! We are so thankful to our Jesus!!

We had another ultrasound a week and a half later just to double check again and our little bean was just happy as can be in there, still growing great and the heartbeat was again perfect. Such a blessing!

And today, we saw our sweet little love once more...growing right on schedule. So thankful!

I am almost 13 weeks and it is already flying past. I remember the first trimester seeming like ten years with Nathan and especially with Parker but this time around, the days have just disappeared.
I know I will blink and they will be handing this precious baby to me - what a wonderful day that will be!! :) Nathan is campaigning hard for a little sister but I'm pretty convinced we are about to be looking at Baby Boy #3. ;)

We are so excited and so in love with this precious little one already! Will you please join us in praying for him or her? :) Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers for my sweet family over the years!

To my precious friends who are waiting for their miracle - be it in the form of a child or a husband - please know that I am and will continue to be praying for you. Jesus knows. Love and more love to you.

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