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Party time :)

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post!! We are so excited, overwhelmed, nervous and more excited. ;) Cannot wait to see what this new little love is!! We find out the gender on August 19th. :)

We started this month with a bang - Parker has been cutting FOUR back teeth for the last few weeks and they finally started popping through the gums this last week. Oh my goodness - the diapers, the tummy issues, the sadness. We have had a rough time! He woke up really yucky on July 4th so we spent the day in our jammies. Nathan was kind of blegh feeling too so we did all of our firework celebrations early and got both kids in bed by 7pm.

Sweet baby. He stayed like this for about .09 seconds, but it was sweet while it lasted. ;)

A little snack always makes a certain someone feel a lot better. :)

I love getting pictures of the boys all the time, but especially on holidays. These ones just made me smile! :)

They are bestest buds. Just adore them!! :)

And just to make me sad...

This is from July 4th last year. They have gotten so big so fast!!

Parker did NOT like the sparklers I got. At all! This was about how close he could stand to be to one without freaking out. Ha! Maybe next year. ;)

Love this boy!!

Since there was the chance of having a new baby cousin born any time the first half of this month, we squeezed a few things around and decided to celebrate Nathan's friend party on July 5th. At the last minute, he decided he wanted a Lego swim party to we did our best to accommodate. ;)

Happy almost birthday!! I cannot believe my baby is almost FIVE!! Where does the time go??

Some of the kids chowing down - we served all of Nathan's favorite foods. Hot dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans, macaroni and cheese and watermelon. ;)

The kids got to swim for a bit and then it started raining right as everyone was getting out (such a bummer!), but at least it held off until after the swimming!! Our friends spoiled him rotten with their gifts - so thankful for such dear, sweet friends!

Our birthday boy and his Lego donuts. I asked him if he was sure that he didn't want a cake for his party and he said, "Mom!! It's a birthday party, we have to have donuts!" Ha! Donuts it is. :)

Five days until he turns five! Time is going by way too fast. :(

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