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Happy 5th Birthday Nathan!!

My precious boy,

Today, you are five.


Five years of so much love, so much happiness, so much exhaustion, so much JOY. I honestly cannot imagine my life without you and it's sometimes hard for me to remember life before you. You gave me my current identity in life - Mama - and it's the best thing ever.

This year was such a fun year for you!! We started the year with this little boy and we packed to the brim with activities so that time flew by so fast that I'm still catching my breath. ;)

You played soccer and baseball and LOVED them (though Dad and I both agreed that we were never again doubling up on sports in the same year)! It was so fun to watch you grow and change as you learned the game.

If possible, you have become even more social than you've ever been. You love to talk, you love to tell jokes and you love to be surrounded by people. You are my little social butterfly. I love when we are going someplace new and you get so excited about all the new friends you might meet. God has totally given you the gift of friendliness and I can't wait to see what He will do with it!

You are still totally set on the idea of being a firefighter when you grow up and I'm still doing my best to convince you that a nice, safe desk job is the way to go. ;) You adore firefighters and policemen and it makes your whole week when one stops to wave or say hello.

You adore your brother. You guys are the bestest of friends and I just love to watch you two together!! You guys fight and bicker but when I try to separate you two, you both complain until you can play together again. It's the most frustrating thing. Ha! I just love the bond you two have!!

I love your enthusiasm! You get excited about anything and everything and nothing is too small to be totally pumped over. You are infectious, my sweet boy. You make me laugh so hard! You say the cutest things and you are so curious - I love hearing your thought processes!

You are just my most favorite five year old in this entire world and I cannot put into words how much I love you and how precious you are to me and Dad!!

We need to figure out how to get time to start slowing down.

I love you so much, my sweet Nathan!! Happy birthday!!

Mama :)

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