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Babies and birthdays :)

The days are FLYING, I swear. I wake up, barely have time to blink and suddenly it's time to put the kids to bed that night. It's a crazy season of life and the blog is obviously suffering for it, but I'm hoping to get back in a good routine here soon.

In the meantime, here's what we've been up to! :)

On July 7th, my precious little nephew Gabriel Douglas was born!! He was and is absolutely perfect and we are so thankful for his little presence!! He's just the tiniest little thing - I swear neither of my boys was ever this little. ;) And Gabriel makes Parker look HUGE! :(

Hanging out in the hospital with his auntie and uncle. :)

Bryant and Nicole are doing fantastic with him and it is SO fun to watch them becoming parents! They are so sweet. Gabriel is a very blessed little man.

And I mean, seriously...he's just so cute!!! Love him!!

Two days before Nathan's birthday, we had a little family birthday party for him at Gammy and Pops' house. It was, of course, superhero themed. ;)

I just love this kid!!

Everyone in their superhero shirts. ;)

We had a weekend of birthday fun! The day before his birthday, we took him to Chuck E. Cheese because it's apparently now a birthday tradition. ;) As is Texas Roadhouse, so we went there after naps.

Love this picture!! Someone VERY much enjoys getting to sit on the saddle and then be yelled at by the whole restaurant before getting his birthday ice cream. ;)

Sweetness. :)

Happy birthday Nathan!! :)

Playing with his new birthday presents. They were quite the hit. ;)

He's just never happy. Not sure what to do about that. ;)

He is EXACTLY five years old in this picture!! Nathan was born at 12:34pm. :) My little lunch time baby.

Nathan started his week of VBS the night of his birthday, so we had an early dinner and dessert. He requested Oreo Smush. My boy, right there!

Cow Appreciation Day always falls around his birthday and this year, it was the day after. Always so much fun!! Since VBS took up all our nights, we headed to CFA for lunch and met Joel and Julia and Miss Jamie there. :)

Sweet little baby cow!!!

These two were a mess by this point. And they both got little baby cows, now known as "Cowie" and "Moo". ;)

Oh this day!! This day was so so precious. Nathan and Parker got to meet baby Gabriel! Nathan was the first one in the house, scrubbed his hands and plopped down on the couch - he was SO excited!!

Such a proud big cousin!! He was so sweet and gentle!

Parker wasn't quite sure what this little thing was at first. ;)

Gabriel started making some noise and Parker was like, "Hey! It talks!"

Parker decided he was pretty neat after all. ;) I LOVE this!! Their sweet faces just melt my heart! Love Parker's smile and Nathan's protectiveness.

July is birthday season for the Lunch Bunchers - we celebrated Joel's birthday last Saturday with a Star Wars bash that Nathan adored!

And then the next day, we went to a Frozen birthday party for sweet miss Gracie!! Oh how we love all these precious faces!!

The week after VBS is always a little bit of a down week just so we can all recover and so this week was when Parker decided to finally cut that fourth tooth. That final tooth has been causing so many problems! Poor sweet baby has a terrible, terrible diaper rash, he's been drooling so much he's soaking all of his shirts and he's just miserable. We've been living on baby ibuprofen and lavender oil. I saw part of the tooth finally poking out in there yesterday. We are praying we are on the tail end of it!!

Tomorrow, I'll update on Baby #3!!

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