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Last day of June

HOW is it already halfway through the summer?? I feel like I spend so much of the spring looking forward to a slow, relaxing summer and we have barely sat down these last few weeks. We need to make some changes for July. Looking at the July calendar though, I don't see that happening. ;)

We have been busy trying to stay cool, playing outside and loving lots of time with friends and family!!

We've spent a lot of time at the splash park these last two weeks! My boys love it (and sitting in the shade afterward eating all the fun snacks we bring). ;)

Parker was a little unsure at first but once he figured it out, he went crazy!!

Love my boys.

On the Saturday before Father's Day, we celebrated my dad. So thankful for this man!! He is a wonderful dad and Pops. :)

Father's Day was such a wonderful day!! It was seriously one of those rare days where everything just went perfectly. We treated Jon to a Father's Day brunch and stuffed ourselves silly.

The boys helped him open some presents.

We went to - where else? - the splash park and the kids ran off some energy.

Love these faces!! :)

And finally, we finished it up with a fantastic grilled dinner and s'mores (Parker had to miss out on this one - a VERY curious, VERY active boy around a very hot firepit kind of scares me to death!). Such a wonderful day!!

This little sugar wants to be big like his brother so badly. :) :(

This last Thursday, Nonnie and Papa O came into town!! We spent the entire weekend being spoiled completely rotten. They took us out to eat, they played nonstop with the boys, we got treated to shopping and activities. We were so thankful! The boys LOVED them being here!

We had to take them to the splash park. ;)

They bought us the game Hedbandz and we were dying the rest of the weekend over some of Nathan's questions. When we first put the headband on Nathan we told him, "Okay. Now you have to ask questions." And he said, "Okay. So do you think when T-Rexes ate people, they would start with their heads?" Ha! We said, "Not just random questions, you have to ask questions about what's on your card." He said, "Oh! Okay, so is it a long, long string attached to a skateboard and you can hook it up to something?" He kills us.

And finally, here's our finished backyard!! I couldn't find a before picture, but basically it used to be almost all dirt. We tried to seed it several years ago and it worked for a while but then all the grass died and it went back to just dirt. We added the patios, added the sandpit and the playground and did sod this time. We love it! The kids have been out there almost every day. :)

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