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Saturday was such a fun day - we started the day with my sister-in-law, Nicole's baby shower for my sweet nephew (which I unfortunately didn't take any pictures!) and then I drove home fast, picked up the boys and Jon and we went to dinner with my dear friend Melanie who was in town this weekend!

Nathan loves Miss Melanie. ;)

Sunday, Jon woke up sick and so he stayed home from church and Nathan and I went. We had been home for seriously not even an hour and Nathan went from perfectly fine to running a 102 degree fever. So our plans for the day were changed up a bit. He spent the day on the couch, I got him the movie Balto (which he LOVED) and we tried to just keep the boys as separate as we could (which is always a joy).

Parker always has to be just like his big brother. ;) Love that.

Sunday night, we had a little girls' night since Mel was in town. So much fun and so needed!! Love my dear, dear friends. We only wished the other two original Lunch Bunchers could have been there!

Another new tooth, another diaper rash, another oatmeal bath in the kitchen sink. It's the circle of life over here, my friends.

And lastly, I have been wanting to do this FOREVER and I finally did it - yesterday, I cut 8+ inches off of my hair!

It is SO short now! It feels so much lighter and cooler. Nathan was convinced he would hate it but I think even he likes it. ;)

Our mornings here. Two snuggling brothers watching the Wild Kratt brothers. ;) Love my precious boys!!

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