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The stuff in between

This transition to spring has left most of my family in sick in some way, shape or form lately. Ugh. We are currently battling Ear Infection #2 with Parker - poor baby. I'm going to try and post a few updates today since I am SO far behind!! Every time I sit down recently, I've been working on a deadline.

Here's what happened the week after Easter! :)

Love how these two love each other. They play all day long and are pretty much inseparable. When they aren't together, all I hear about is the other one, whether it's Nathan wondering how Parker is sleeping or Parker yelling "NENNON!!" Ha! Love that.

I walked in Nathan's room to tell him rest time was over and found him like this. :( Usually a good sign that he is sick and I think he ended up having some sort of weird virus. Poor guy.

This little guy loves the laundry basket. He pulled this over his head all by himself. He's such a goose. And he is LOUD. Holy smokes. I kind of had assumed that Parker would be my laid back child but he's giving Nathan a run for his money. He yells and baby talks and just makes noise all. day. long. And he's ever the entertainer - at least at home, just like his brother. He's a little more reserved out in public. It makes for a very fun, very crazy, very exhausting life right now. ;)

Parker is also walking about 95% of the time now and getting faster and faster. And he's now tall enough to pull things off the table and counters. Life has changed quite a bit over here because of those things! ;) I don't sit too often.

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