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The big day

For a few weeks before this, anytime someone would mention the words "April 11th", Jon and I would immediately start twitching. Everything - and I mean everything - was scheduled for April 11th. Soccer pictures and a soccer game. Baseball pictures and Nathan's first baseball game. Our friend Julia's birthday party. A Bible study for me. And about four other things that we just had to say no to because we just couldn't fit them in!

First up was soccer - someone got his very first trophy and he was SO THRILLED. Can you tell? ;)

The proud Coach Dad and his son. :)

Then we drove as fast as we could over to the baseball fields because it was time for pictures. So he switched uniforms super fast in the car and we ran in. When did he turn twelve??

Again, Coach Dad and his son. ;)

Nathan was SO cute during the game. All the other kids were waving at their parents, smiling at them when they went up to bat, but Nathan was all business. He was so focused. It was hilarious. ;)

First at bat!! He did SO good!! I love how much he is concentrating. ;)

Running the bases and he, of course, had to slide into home. So fun!! We are using even more of the power of OxyClean at my house now. ;)

Uncle Bryant and the Park Bench, as Jon calls him. ;) I'm pretty sure Bryant was just getting excited for this day about five years into the future for my little nephew. And Parker...guys, this kid is a mess.

An adorable, goofy, incredibly loud mess.

See what I mean? ;) I just adore every centimeter of that little love.

Nathan made a great stop with a grounder and threw it to first and after we were all done cheering, I looked over and happened to catch this:

SO CUTE. Ah!! It totally made the entire game. Ha! That little T-ball player is just my favorite in the whole world right now.

Post-game grins before our victory lunch at Chick-fil-a... what a wonderful day!!

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