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Parker's birthday party - take two. :)

I have had the BEST intentions to update this blog but between family in town, sick kids, sports games and practices, spring break and a deadline, I've been just awful. And I've been waiting to get pictures from Parker's birthday party from Jon's phone and my mom's camera and I just kept forgetting to grab them. ;)

So without further ado, here's the fun we had at Parker Bear's party. ;)

Since we call him Parker Bear, it was a very obvious choice on what our party theme should be. We teddy bear-ed it up! :) Nathan, Parker and I ran to the store on Friday morning before the party to get a few things and who should come up behind us in the aisle then this special lady...

My grandmother! Ah! We were SO surprised and shocked! I just immediately burst into tears and Nathan did not stop holding her hand or talking to her the entire rest of the day. ;) SO much fun! She is loved greatly over here. ;)

Saturday morning was beautiful and the perfect day for a park party! :) We had donuts, coffee, juice, fruit, sausage balls and I made a little teddy bear smash cake. :) We gave out toys they could use at the park for the favors.

My birthday baby!! :)

I was finishing up setting up the last of the food when I heard Nathan start screaming for me and I looked up and my brother Caleb was walking toward me!! He and his wife Nicole live in California right now while he's in dental school and oh my goodness. I just burst into tears and grabbed him in a hug. It was perfect. It's always just this huge gaping hole especially when we have family celebrations and they aren't there so it was just so wonderful to have them and my grandmother here!

Blowing out his candle. ;)

The whole family!! :)

Love this picture of me and Jon and the birthday boy. ;)

Our weekend changed slightly since we had family in town and we spent the weekend hanging out at Gammy and Pops' house playing with Nama, Caleb and Nicole - so so so so much fun. And SO needed!!

Never leave your phone unattended around these two together. ;)

Nama snuggles. Love this.

So thankful to my mom and Nama for organizing all the surprises!! Love my family.

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