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It's a crazy life


We have been doing our best to stay as busy as we possibly can! ;) I feel like I don't ever sit until about 7:30 at night (which, coincidentally, is also the same time as the boys' bedtimes) and my brain is usually fried by then so this blog has definitely taken the hit. Hate that. Trying to do better!

We have had a busy week!

We got home on Tuesday night right before dinner from Tulsa. Wednesday, both kids woke up sick and Kody had to have surgery on his leg. He had a small mass removed from the back of his leg - we are praying that it was nothing serious and that he doesn't have another one show up again! Poor dog is having to recover with a four year old and a crawler - you can pray for him. ;) Thankfully, the kids got better pretty quick and Kody seems to be doing pretty good!

In Tulsa at the awesome children's museum, we bought a little dinosaur egg that "hatched" in water over the next few days. Guys. This is the best $5 I've ever spent. Nathan has been borderline OBSESSED with this egg. And honestly, it is really cool. We have about half a dino out of the egg now and it's just been so fun to watch. ;)

Parker's favorite thing to do lately is to crawl into a room and then close the door behind him and just sit there and wait for us to open it back up. He's such a little ham. This kid just cracks me up.

And speaking of goofy boys, I'm going to write this down because I hear this every night and it just makes me laugh. We usually have Nathan bless the food at dinner and he always prays some version of this: "Dear Jesus, thank you for this food. Please bless Mama, Parker and Dad. And please bless Nathan, which is me praying. Amen."

Friday morning, we woke up to snow and they canceled school, so Jon got to stay home. It was SO nice - especially after our split vacations to have just some fun snow time together. We got more snow than either of my boys has seen in their lives. ;) We've been playing in it all weekend.

Saturday, Nathan came running into my room and starting yelling, "MOM MOM MOM!! Look outside my window!! There are HUGE ICE BOLTS out there!" Ha!! Icicles will forever be known as "ice bolts" at my house now. ;)

And Friday night, we had SO MUCH FUN at Bryant and Nicole's gender reveal party!! It was seriously the cutest party ever. I am so so so so overwhelmingly excited for my sweet NEPHEW to be joining this family in July!! Cannot wait to meet that precious little one!!

T-ball practices start this week, soccer games start this weekend and I am ready for warm weather and some good times outside playing. :)

What are you guys up to??

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