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Counting down

My little Parker Bear is going to turn one year old in a week from today.


I'm headlong into my mourning. And finishing up party planning. I cannot even believe it. Wasn't I just laying on the couch counting contractions and trying to decide when to call the doctor?

It went by way too fast.

Nathan had his very first T-ball practices last week! He loved them and so did Coach Jon. ;) They were so cute. The first practice was freezing cold but the second one wasn't as bad. It was so cute to watch.

My fellow sideliner. ;)

All these sports and activities are wearing my poor boy out - I walked into his room to tell him his rest time was over this week and found this sight. So funny. I can't even remember the last time he fell asleep in rest time!

It finally warmed up on Friday. Nathan and I have been working in the yard during Parker's morning nap, so on Friday we ran to the store and bought a little baby swing for the swing set and then brought Parker out with us. It was really his first time to be out playing in the backyard and he LOVED it. Like seriously loved it. It was so cute. I don't think he stopped giggling until he started throwing a fit when I said it was time to come inside. ;)

 They even managed to convince me to let them eat lunch out there. ;)

There is stuff to clean, dishes to put away, gifts to buy and wrap, LOTS of words to write... So much to do and such a short time to do it!! I often pray for more hours in my day!

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