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What's up Wednesday

One of the blogs I read is doing this "What's up Wednesday" and it looks like fun so I thought I'd join in. :) Please chime in by answering the questions yourself and leaving them in the comments!! I'd love to hear from you! :)

What we are eating this week:
Jon is still doing his Whole30 (SO proud of him!!) and I'm officially off (I say this after finishing a cupcake just now). ;) So we basically eat our regular meals during the day and then I make a Whole30 compliant dinner. Tonight we are having chicken apple sausage and sweet potatoes. And the odds are good that I will be having another cupcake after the boys go to bed. ;) Just an FYI, but I LOVE to bake. Love it.

What I'm reminiscing about:

My little Parker Bear is about to be one next month and I'm desperately clinging to his babyhood. I ran across a few pictures of him tiny and it just made my heart tight. I can't believe he's already almost one! And also, can you believe how much Nathan grew up in the last year??! He looks like such a baby in these pictures too!

What I'm looking forward to:

SUMMER. This was us last summer and oh friends. I am SO ready for summer and warm days and playing outside!! My poor house is pretty much shuddering from these crazy boys being cooped up in here for so long. It is time to be outside at the park! I used to LOVE winter with such a passion until I had kids - now I am all about being outside and not having to constantly be taking coats on and off and dealing with sickness and bundling up to even walk to the mailbox. Nope. Time for summer. We can even bypass spring. I'm just ready for days running through the sprinklers. ;)

What I'm loving:

Homemade cupcakes. Our new "letters of the day". A little boy who makes me a box of pipe cleaner and wooden bead rings. A tiny boy who stinks so good. Nap time. ;)

What we've been up to:
Getting over colds and attempting to stay on top of the house stuff while also making deadlines. The boys have been really, really, really good at destroying the house lately. It's been busy. ;)

What I'm dreading:
Figuring out Nathan's future school situation. Hi, wasn't he just born? How are we already dealing with school??

What I'm working on:

Bake Me a Match!! Can't wait to share the next installment this summer! :)

What I'm excited about:

My brother Bryant and my sister-in-law Nicole FINALLY announced this publicly and I have been dying to share it - I get a little niece or nephew this summer!! I cannot wait to meet that precious baby!!

What I am watching:

Jon and I have been watching a mix of Parks and Recreation, Friends and Leverage lately. During the day if I have a few minutes though, I'm really loving that they have been putting some Food Network shows on Netflix like Cupcake Wars. ;)

So what's up with YOU?? :)

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