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Parker is 11 months old!

And so begins my month of mourning. ;) How is my baby so big?? Already??

Parker is just such a sweetheart. He's SO funny - this month, if it was possible, he got even LOUDER, even sillier and even more weird. ;) I'm not sure what's in the water in this house, but we grow them big, loud and crazy over here!

He is eating everything, all the time, always and forever amen. That kid can put away food. We are already trying to figure out how much money we need to be setting aside to feed these boys when they are 15. ;) Needless to say, mealtimes are Parker's favorite time of the day. He's still nursing four times a day and eating three good meals and at least two snacks now. He loves bananas, sweet potatoes, chicken nuggets and he mostly loves squeeze packs more than almost anything in the world. ;) He's learned how to drink out of a straw this month and now, the child has discovered sweet iced tea. Sweet tea brings the biggest smile to his face ever! Ha!

He's fast. He has absolutely zero interest in walking but he can zip around here crazy fast! Nathan and I have to run to catch up with him! He's also started climbing. If he can get that knee up on it, he's up there. The stairs, the bunk bed, Nathan's chair... you name it, he's climbing it.

He loves anything that has to do with his big brother. Anything. Anything. This has been the source of a lot of joy, fun, frustration and chaos in our house this month since Parker can now pretty much get anywhere he wants to get. ;)

He has become a full-fledged fan of the pacifier and rarely doesn't have one with him. I think it's really cute. ;)

Parker loves, loves when he and Nathan are playing together. They have just had so much fun recently playing with cars and superheroes and Parker's Little People toys. For the most part, they play really well together. So fun to see!!

Parker can say Mama, Dada,  and "Nennon". He says the same word every time when he sees Kody but it doesn't sound anything like Kody. Ha! He's very good at asking for more and waves his hands like crazy when he's all done eating (or starts throwing food. But you know, whatever gets the message across). He can wave, blow kisses, wrestle, laugh and squeal at a pitch that sends the neighbor dogs into full on 101 Dalmatian bark chains. ;)

He's also this month developed a little bit of a temper.... oy. Not ready for these days already! If he doesn't want to do something and you are holding him, he'll go all boneless to try and slide out of your hands. If you aren't holding him, he's now laid down on the floor and started throwing a big fit several times. At this point, it's more amusing than anything and if I just walk away and ignore him, he snaps right out of it. But oh goodness. I'm eating all the chocolate I can right now just to stockpile emotionally for what is coming. ;)

Parker is goofy, silly, quite the dancer, loves to make music, loves to snuggle (LOVES to snuggle!), is the best at destroying at room in .006 seconds, has the sweetest hugs, the bestest cheeks for kissing, loves to be tickled, loves to be kissed and is still 100% okay with being held all day long. ;) He's the absolute perfect little brother for Nathan and is so precious to us that we don't even have the words. We are so blessed by him!

Happy 11 months, my sweet boy!!

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