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Life lately

I think I am constantly waiting for things to settle down a bit but they never do. I've just decided this is a byproduct of two children. ;)

These two are just funny together. The older Parker gets, the more he annoys Nathan wants to constantly do whatever Nathan is doing which rarely ends well, but any time I suggest that they play separately, this is what happens. Neither can stand to be away from the other one so they will just have to figure out how to deal with Parker consistently knocking over all of Nathan's projects. ;) 99% of the time, Nathan is pretty understanding but that 1% can be a doozy for everyone.

This kid loves the laundry room, though. LOVES it. And he also recently discovered toilet paper, which, I mean, is there anything better than potentially edible paper from an ever-flowing tube?? I submit that there is NOT.

Needless to say, we have officially entered the Every Door Must Remain Closed Always stage of babyhood.

He sleeps like this every night and it just makes my shoulder hurt even to look at him. But so cute. :) Love that little goose.

Super Bowl Sunday I was making snacks in the kitchen and looked over during the National Anthem to see this. Ha!! He's so cute! My little patriotic boy. ;)

First time eating a vanilla wafer. He liked it but I think he was a little concerned that something was wrong with me when I handed him the whole cookie. ;) He did really well though biting off little bits at a time!! He's getting too old too quick.

These are not the most natural smiles in the world. ;) We got to have a slower morning in our jammies before doing a couple of errands after Parker's morning nap. Right after I snapped this picture, Parker went all boneless and tried to slide off the couch while Nathan kept trying to hold on to him while cheesing that ridiculous smile.

These two keep me on my toes. :)

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