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Couple of things

I have a to-do list about three miles long today and hardly any time to do it in but there were a few things that I wanted to share!!

1. Double Shot is finally finally up on Kindle!! It should be up on Nook shortly - so if you're a Nook reader, check back in a day or two! :) So thankful to have both the entire Laurie and Maya series up on ebooks again!!

2. Bake Me a Match is consuming a lot of my writing time - and my writing time has become pretty tight with the two boys, so I'm having to maximize what little time I have!! I sometimes think fondly on the days when I would have the entire day to write, clean and workout - now I'm lucky if one of those things happens!! BUT, I wouldn't trade my messy, unshowered and basically unproductive life for anything right now. ;)

3. I could really use a few chocolate chip cookies right now. And possibly a maid. Just saying.

4. We went on a family bike ride this last weekend. So funny. Parker pretty much just put up with it - he was not nearly has excited as Nathan was when he got to ride in the little seat. Nathan thought our family ride was awesome, though, so I'm sure we'll be doing another one soon. ;)

Have a great Wednesday!!

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