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Slowly, slowly


I woke up a few mornings ago with a stiff neck so I've been moving pretty slowly the past few days. The boys, however, have not been moving slowly. ;) Days like this week always remind me how much I take for granted that I never even think about - like a properly functioning neck. I'm praying that tomorrow is much better!!

We have been having fun!! My father-in-law came in town for the weekend, so the boys have been treating him to the wonderful world of craziness. ;) They've been playing cars and wrestling and Greg took Nathan to lunch and a movie this afternoon.

Parker and I just kind of looked at each other for a few minutes after they left like, "welp. What now?" Ha! We are both a little attached to him. ;)

Me and my buddy for the day. :)

Papa O and his buddy for the day! Can you tell he had just a smidge of fun?? ;) And yes - those are 3D glasses from the movie they caught. He had the best day!

In other news, I did 4.5 days on the Whole30 and then noticed yesterday and today that Parker was begging to nurse when he wouldn't normally and he was having some really weird diapers. So, off the Whole30 I came. I HATE feeling like a quitter, but, like several friends and my mom reminded me, I'm not just quitting for the sake of quitting. That being said, it was really nice to have bread again today. :) I'll have to try to to do it again when I'm not nursing. So I'm praying that Parker gets back to normal here very quickly!!

And finally, the Maya series has gotten a little makeover and the first two books - Cool Beans and Latte Daze - are FINALLY available on Kindle and Nook!! :) Find Cool Beans on Kindle here and Nook here and Latte Daze on Kindle here and Nook here. :) Double Shot will be available soon!!

Have a wonderful night!!

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