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Partying like it's 1985

Well, guys, I'm thirty.

Ha!! We had the best time doing a little 80's party with my family on Friday night and then having just a fun, low-key day on my actual birthday. I got spoiled rotten with presents, I got to go shopping without the boys for a little bit the next day and it was really just a much needed weekend of rest after such a crazy, hectic and insane December!!

Some of my favorite moments of the weekend:

My mom threw a 1980s birthday party for me the day before my actual birthday on Saturday and it was hilarious. :)

My brother, ladies and gentlemen!! :)

Love my parents' Top Gun outfits. :)

Ha!! These two are just fun. :)

I heart my sister.

 My dear friends Shannon and Eric came as the Reagans - hilarious.

There's really not a better sight on your 30th than these amazing donuts. Those ones on the top left are chocolate covered red velvet. A.ma.zing.

Parker got his first taste of donut and shared my opinion. ;)

The boys gave me a few presents and then we spent the rest of the day just relaxing around the house. Nathan and I built a few things, including this little "snow digger-mobile". ;)

I even had a little bit of down time while the kids napped and got to hang out with my favorite guy. :)

Then we got the kids up and dressed and headed out for a little shopping and dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and gelato (which is Parker's new favorite thing. Ha!).

Such a wonderful day!

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