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Parker is ten months old!

I just can't even.

Our sweet boy is ten months old!! He is loud, silly, animated and loves loves LOVES to be a part of anything that's going on - whether that's playing, wrestling, laundry or eating. If we are doing it, he wants to be right there in the action. ;)

He's wearing mostly 12-month clothes though he still has a few 9-12 that he can still fit into. Such a big, healthy boy! We are so blessed.

This month had a LOT of busyness for us with the holidays and Parker was such a trooper! He stuck it out through quite a bit before he would finally let us know that he'd had enough and was ready for some Mom and Parker only time. ;)

He's still very attached to his mama, adores when Dad gets home and his favorite person on the planet is his big brother.

He is saying "Mama", "Dada", "Bubba" and he can wave hello and goodbye, clap his hands and loves to slap tables. ;) He is a crawling machine - that kid is EVERYWHERE. He pulls up every .07 seconds and has started walking along the couch or wall. Walking is coming for us SO FAST and I'm just not ready for that at all!! Our house is officially gated again. ;)

Parker loves to eat! He loves sweet potatoes, bananas, chicken and he is a HUGE fan of cheese!! He isn't big on sweets - we've let him lick off ice cream spoons and he makes a terrible face. He much prefers veggies or applesauce. He still nurses about four times a day.

Sleeping... Sweet Parker is finally doing a little better. We started the month with him getting up on average two or three times a night to nurse and about a week ago, we cut him off from night time nursing and after a rough adjustment, he's started sleeping MUCH better. I think more than anything it was just habit to wake up to eat because he would barely start nursing before he would fall back asleep. We had a rough early morning last night but all in all, he's doing much better. :)

Parker is sweet, silly, affectionate and curious. And we just absolutely adore him!!

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