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Oh goodness

So. This blog.

Oy. It has definitely taken a backseat lately and I am SO bummed about that. So in order to catch up properly, I'm going to be back-dating some posts. ;) Just a fair warning. ;)

This week has alternated between flying past and crawling past because we are finally doing what we've been putting off and working on the thing I have feared the most - Sleep Training with our sweet Parker Bear. Day one resulted in me breaking down in tears and making cupcakes that night. It's gotten a lot better since then.

I have hope for the future, anyway. ;)

This week also has a couple of big things - tomorrow, Parker turns ten months old (HOW is this possible??!!) and on Saturday, I turn 30.

Yep. Thirty. I'm both excited for my birthday and very sad to see my 20s come to an end. They've been a fantastic decade!

Today we spent doing errands and we checked out at the self-checkout at Walmart. The automated voice said, "Please remove your bags. Thank you for shopping at Walmart."

Nathan immediately turned, bag in hand and said, "Aw! You are so welcome!"


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