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This last year has been such a whirlwind - which is why I am just now getting to this post. Ha! :)

We started the year with a chatty three year-old boy and at the start of my third trimester and we're ending the year with an even chattier four year-old and a VERY busy nine month old. :) Such a wonderful year!!

We began the year with this sweet baby-faced boy who loved to pretend and who could NOT wait to be a big brother - he had the most idealistic thoughts of what that was going to be like! We spent January and February getting ready for the absolute biggest change in our big boy's life. ;)

We had our last night as a family of three...

And then we welcomed our sweet Parker Bear into our lives in March. :)

And we did a lot of this.

And this. After long time struggling with infertility, my arms and heart are full. Thank you Lord!

Babies grew and brothers bonded.

We had lots of wonderful family days with these sweet boys and most of them were spent in mismatched pajamas. ;)

In April, Uncle Bryant married our beautiful Aunt Nicole and Nathan got to be the ring bearer. :)

And then in May, Uncle Caleb married our other beautiful Aunt Nicole and Nathan was a ring bearer again! :)

And the siblings grew by two. We were SO excited and proud of Uncle Caleb when he got into dental school but so sad to see them move to California. We spent a lot of time missing them.

We took a family trip just the four of us to Durango over Father's Day weekend and rode the Dinosaur Train. SUCH a fun highlight of our year!

We snuggled. :)

We did our annual Cow Day in July...

And a certain little boy got a little less little.

We skinned our knees and bruised our elbows and hugged our brother and caught grasshoppers and did, all in all, a fantastic job of being four years old a few months old in the summer time. :)

We got to meet sweet baby Emma and see precious friends!

We headed to California and saw the cousins.

We had lots of ice cream and zoo dates and fun times playing with good friends. :)


Nathan did Cubbies for the second time...

And swimming lessons and soccer for the first time. :)

And someone just stayed busy growing and growing.

We learned. How much we learned this year!

 We played outside until it got too cold to play...

And then we posed with pumpkins.

Nathan got to go to a Lobo game by himself with Dad. :)

We saw our beloved Nutcracker performance.

And this little sugar became so much sweeter and way more mischievous the more mobile he got. ;)

We laughed. A lot.

We imagined. Oh my goodness, did we imagine this year!

 We helped Dad finish his master's degree and turn 30...

And we loved celebrating Parker's first Christmas. :)

This year has been one of the sweetest, greatest, most fun, busiest, most exhausting, crazy beautiful years I have ever had. I am blessed, friends. So blessed. And as I look back on this year with all it's chaos and worry and fun and heart-stopping, hand-raising, I'm-getting-teary-now JOY, I am overwhelmed by God's grace and goodness to my little family.

Oh how we are blessed.

Praying that this year is one of blessing and peace for all of us! May we all see His favor in 2015.

Love to you all!!

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