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Semi-Lately :)

Oh goodness. So much to catch up on. We have been surrounded by a stomach bug/food poisoning and Parker cut two teeth as well over the weekend and has pretty much needed me to be holding him the entire time that he's awake. Poor guy. :(

So, here's more catch up from November! :)

This is what I've been doing every chance I get to sit down without a baby - writing, writing, writing. ;) I'm so very excited for you guys to meet Annie and to catch up with the old gang from the Miss Match series! :) Match Made releases December 20th!! And for those of you who have been asking, as of right now, it will just be releasing on Kindle and Nook only. I will let you know if that changes!!

I've never seen a kid so excited to go to the dentist. This picture cracks me up because he was trying so hard to appear all cool and collected but he couldn't stop grinning. What a weirdo. ;)

This has been Parker's favorite thing to do lately. And chew on my computer cord and pull the DVD player down and generally just get into everything all the time. ;)

Santa hats were at CFA when we met friends there one day! :) This was the official start to the Christmas season, I think, for Nathan. ;)

Match Made has already been ranked on Amazon lists!! You guys are amazing!! :) :)

Hot chocolate season is upon us and we are fully embracing it. ;)

Stay tuned over the next few weeks because I've got a fun contest coming up and a couple of sales for you guys on autographed copies!! :)

Merry Christmas!!

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