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Parker is nine months old!


Of all of the months, I think it's the nine month birthday that gets me the most. I don't know if it's because he's now been outside of the womb for as long as he was in it or what it is, but I just go through a little mourning period at the nine month mark. :(

Parker is so big and sweet and loud and fun!

He has found his voice this month and baby talks all. the. time. He says "nuh-nuh" and "leetle" a lot, occasionally "mama", "dada" and "buh-buh" (assuming "brother" since he always says it when he sees Nathan!). He squeals and yells and babbles at the top of his lungs. He waves, high-fives and is trying to clap, but we haven't quite made contact with the two hands yet. Ha! :)

He's crawling everywhere and into everything. I dig something that he isn't supposed to be eating out of his mouth at least once a day, whether it's paper or a toy or a ball of Kody hair or an ornament or dog food or you name it. He's started pulling up pretty regularly on his knees and has now gotten up to his feet. He's so big I can't even stand it.

Parker loves to eat! He suddenly decided overnight this month that he loves different textures and will now eat bananas, sweet potatoes, blueberries, puffs, chicken, fries and LOTS of other foods just cut up on his tray. Making a big mess is his specialty. ;) We still haven't tried gluten again and we are holding off on dairy a little longer, but it's been so fun to see the world of food opening up for him. And you can tell he LOVES feeling big like brother when he gets to eat the same things. It's so cute.

This baby hates to sleep. HATES it. He goes to sleep fine but usually wakes up at least twice if not three, four or five times a night. Lavender oil worked for a little while to keep him asleep but teething threw that off and now he's still having trouble. And he loves his dad all day long but at night, it has to be me rocking him or he will just scream bloody murder. It makes for some long nights and a very tired mama during the day, so I've been feeling so behind on what I needed to have done by this point for Christmas! We are now planning on sending out Martin Luther King Jr. cards instead of Christmas ones. ;)

He will give open mouth kisses on your cheek and he loves to hold your hands and walk around the room. Anything that involves Nathan or us is immediately the best thing ever. And he loves when Daddy gets home - he gets so excited to see him! He still loves to just be carried all around and he's started really loving to go out and do errands. As soon as I open the garage door, he starts waving his arms and shouting happily.

He's wearing mostly size 12 month clothes now. So big!! He's got an appointment in the morning, so I'm very curious what his stats are! I'll update on here when I know. :)

He got his bottom two teeth this month - the first on one day and the second the very next day! It was so funny because when they finally both popped through, he just would sit and rub his tongue over them. So cute. 

He's loud, obnoxious, goofy, silly, super smiley and laughs all the time. He has the scrunchiest little grin and I just adore it. We are so so so blessed with this little love. I say this all the time but I just can't believe how fast time is flying and how quickly he is turning more and more into a little boy and less and less like the tiny newborn he was just...what, like a week ago, right?

We love our Parker Bear!

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