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Oh what fun!

We are doing Parker's first Christmas up right over here and staying SO busy during the day that we can barely stay awake and then just having a snuggle party all night too. ;)

We heart CFA lunches with our beautiful Gammy after running Christmas errands. Just in case you couldn't tell. ;)

It barely snowed at Gammy and Pops' house this weekend, so we had to run over after church and "play in it". This is him after he threw what was basically a slush ball at me. Stinker. ;)

Barely enough snow to scrape together a tiny, baby snowman. He was so proud of his and Jon's little creation!!

When Jon and I were on our date a few weeks back, we decided that it would be such a fun place to start a little Christmas dessert tradition. So, last Monday night, we ate a quick dinner at home and then got the kids all dressed up. You could tell Nathan felt so grown up. And sweet Parker is pulling up on everything - even big brother. ;)

In front of the big Christmas tree! It was SO COLD. We didn't look at it too long because we were all shivering.

Our fondue dessert night!! :) Parker even got to have some bananas. Not dipped in chocolate. ;)

Me and my biggest boy. He was SO excited to be there and acted so grown up. He's been talking a lot about Jesus and God and these huge theological ideas like sin and heaven and Jesus being the Good Shepherd and what that means for us. It just amazes us what he's learning!

I heart these two cuties. :)

Someone is so stinking proud of his new skill! He looks so weird - I remember when Nathan started standing up and just having to do double takes all the time. So strange to see them vertical! Ha!

Our advent calender told us to go to Starbucks and then go look at Christmas lights and so goodness, we did. ;) This house is one of our absolute favorites!!!

So many lights and yet SO COLD.

We had to get a picture of my silly boy with the nutcracker. Just had to. I have no idea why he loves nutcrackers so much but he just adores them and I think it's just so cute.

This little one is a mess. Hands down, 164% MESS. He's everywhere all the time and at the loudest volume setting he's got.

This face cracks me up. I was trying to take pictures for his ninth month by making him sit in front of the tree and he was just not quite as impressed with the lack of an action shot as I was. ;) Ha!! He looks so old and grown up here!

Don't forget about my contests I've got going right now!! So excited for Match Made's release!! :)

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