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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, after probably the longest week we've had in a long time, Parker is now the proud owner of two brand new bottom teeth. ;) Life is hopefully going to be back to normal here soon!

We ended up decorating the house two weeks before Thanksgiving this year. We were in the garage getting down the boxes of Nathan's old clothes for Parker and I was like, hey, let's just do Christmas while we're in the unpacking mood. Ha! :) Two people were not at all upset about this plan. ;)

First time seeing the tree!! He's actually done fairly well at leaving it alone, though there is one string of lights that he's pretty fond of yanking.

Nathan has been dying to get his Nativity set out since we put it away last year. So, this was a major deal that he finally got to unpack it!

Hard working dad. ;)

Love this - the tree, the Christmas movie, the elf hat and especially the snuggly boys in their jammies. We heart cold, Christmas season mornings. :)

And Chrismas season evenings. :) There is a brownie under all that whipped cream. And a blanket was on my lap and we had our favorite show on the TV. Life was good.

This little sugar desperately needs a haircut. He had on shoes for the first time and was not quite too sure about them.

We have found Nathan sleeping like this several time over the last few weeks. So funny. That kid is bouncing off the walls about Christmas!

And Parker Bear is officially out of a sleep sack and sleeping with a crocheted blanket. I can't even believe he is old enough. :(

 Our house is covered in static these days. Love these static-clung baby smiles.

We ran to Hobby Lobby one day and Nathan said, "Hey Mom! There's a giant candy cane! Quick! Take my picture with the giant candy cane!" And then he struck this pose. Ha!

I walked out one morning after brushing my teeth and found this. My house was a total, complete disaster but these two were just so sweet. Love how much they love each other!!

What are some special Christmas traditions you guys have??

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