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Lobo game :)

I am playing catch up over these next few days!! Between the deadline, getting Christmas stuff up and ready and everything else going on, I feel like I've barely sat down for weeks!! And when I have sat down, I've been trying like crazy to write. :)

But the sitting is only going to get more rare because a certain little bear at my house started army crawling today... ;)

A few weekends ago, Jon got two tickets for a Lobo football game and we decided that it would be best if he took Nathan with him. And soon after that, he got an email saying that they were going to be honoring former lettermans at the same game and so Jon actually got tickets to go on the field as well! Such an amazing, amazing night for my little boy!!

My favorite two Lobos!! :)

Before the game, they got to eat a special tailgate dinner for the former Lobos inside the basketball stadium. The cheerleaders came and led everyone in the cheers and Nathan was a big fan of that. ;)

Howling like the lobo. ;)

I think this picture is hilarious. And I have to give credit to Jon here - I demanded requested that he take tons of pictures since I wasn't going to be there and he did a great job documenting their entire evening. ;)

Watching the pre-game warm up. He was a little in awe, I think.

He told Jon that this was his game face. Ha!!

Here comes the band!! :) They got to stand on the field as the players ran out of the tunnel and they all gave Nathan high fives. He said they hit too hard. Ha!

Sweet boys. :)

Cheering for the game!! It got super cold that night!!

I love this picture!!!

Jon called as he pulled into the driveway so I could come see Nathan. Someone was all tired out. ;) Love this. He doesn't often look little to me anymore, so this just melted my heart.

I'd say it was a successful Dad/Son date. ;)

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