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Pumpkin Patch 2014

We absolutely LOVE our little pumpkin patch here in town!! We've been coming here every year since Nathan was three months old - it's one of my favorite fall traditions. :)

My sweet family!! Last year, Parker was just a little bump at the patch. It was hard to not get teary over my precious family of four this year. :)

Gammy and Pops came with us - we just love them. :)

Nathan is in a weird smile phase so of the 315 (not even exaggerating) pictures I took at the pumpkin patch, only a few actually had decent smiles in them. Ha! Oh that boy... Love these brothers.

My big boy!!

My sweet baby love.

He has smiles for DAYS. And those blue eyes just kill me.

Goofy boys. ;)

Love these shots!! He's such a little man now. And his little scrunchy look is one of my absolute favorites - he does that to us all day long.

Fun at the patch!! They added miniature golf this year and Nathan loved it. And Parker thought he was big stuff on the tractor.

I just love these silly heads. ;)

Quick update about the book club!! I talked with Sandra Byrd, the author of Let Them Eat Cake today and the novel is actually going to be FREE on Amazon Kindle this coming Monday through Friday. SO - we will actually be moving our book club day to Thursday October 30th so that more of you who may not have been able to buy the book can now participate as well!! Mark your calendars! I'm so excited to do this!!

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