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This last week, Jon had Thursday and Friday off for Fall Break. When we woke up on Friday, the balloons were all up in the air, so we hurried and got dressed, made our coffee and hot chocolate and chased the balloons down. It's one of my favorite, favorite, favorite fall traditions we have!!

I looked back and saw this as we were driving. Um, when did he turn sixteen??

The sight as we drove. So much fun!

We found a little street that led along some little league fields and there were seriously TONS of balloons landing there! It was SO fun! The boys were on their way to check out Smokey the Bear.

Smokey's Chase Crew is so so sweet and they use an old firetruck as their chase truck. SO awesome. They let the boys sit in the truck and Nathan even got to ring the alarm. He thought he was about the coolest thing ever.

I love these boys. :)

Then we turned around and saw....


None of my boys were super impressed with my renditions of "Hound Dog" as we walked over to see him a little closer. ;)

Nathan asked one lady if he could help put away the dragon balloon and she took off her gloves and gave them to Nathan so he could help. So cute. He absolutely loves helping the crews!!

And then Friday night, Jon's parents and grandparents came in town!! We had the best time and they spoiled us completely rotten. But that's another post. ;) Love these people so much!

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