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Balloon Fiesta Weekend

Oh this was a CRAZY weekend.

On Saturday, we were up and moving early to get to Nathan's 9AM soccer game. It was SO cold that morning. Fall is here and came in a hurry! My allergies are already feeling it. Yuck.

The view out the window on the way to the game. Only in Albuquerque. ;)

Sweet soccer playing boy. :)

Seriously. The cheeks, people. The cheeks.

Some of the fans. ;)

Right after the soccer game, we did a couple of errands, then went to a birthday party for one of Nathan's friends from BSF, then we put the boys down for naps and rest at Gammy and Pops' house and then we spent the rest of the day swimming and eating dinner with some new friends there.

Sunday, we were hoping to go chase balloons but the winds were a little too rough for them, so instead I went to the grocery store and Costco while Jon did homework and I came home in time to do some cleaning before it was time to go to the Balloon Glow.

SO much fun! We went with Gammy, Cayce, Cayce's roommate and her boyfriend and Nathan's soccer coach who is from England and had never been to the Fiesta before. We had a great time! Parker's expressions were just adorable. He was mesmerized by the flames and the fireworks.

Nathan was on a mission to find Spider Pig and he succeeded. Ha! He was SO happy.

Group shot!!

I adore this baby boy.

My sweet family during the fireworks. Parker was starting to lose it here. He's becoming pretty attached to his 7:30 bedtime.

Such a wonderful weekend!! I'm off to make more pumpkin muffins (it's fall. It's kind of a necessary thing to have around), only this time I'm trying the two-ingredient muffins that are all over Pinterest. Except I might have to make mine three ingredients and add chocolate chips. ;)

Have a wonderful Monday! 

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