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Appointment and couch time


Parker's six month well child check was yesterday. It's always so sad to watch them get their shots but so encouraging to talk to the boys' doctor! I just love her.

Parker is doing great! He weighs 18 pounds 11.5 ounces (66%), he's 27.5 inches tall (76%) and his head is 45cm around (86%). He's perfectly healthy though he might have a gluten or oat allergy... we have had some major throwing up (to the point where he is dry heaving) both of the last times he's had oatmeal. :( So we are sticking with fruits and veggies until he's nine months old and then we'll try some cereal again. Poor little guy. Have any of you dealt with this in a baby so little??

I dug out Nathan's stats from his six month appointment and just started laughing. Nathan was the exact same age (down to the day!) and these are how they compare - Nathan is on the right, Parker is on the left:

I'm pretty sure Parker keeps those extra two pounds in his cheeks and thighs. ;) Love them.

Yesterday afternoon, Nathan started running a very low grade fever and had another one this morning, so we're in full-fledged movie day mode today which is really the best part about getting sick. 

We heart ibuprofen and Mickey Mouse movies and getting to eat meals on the couch (thus the blanket - I can't stand crumbs in the couch). Somehow I think he might be better by the weekend. ;) We have a fun weekend planned so I am really hoping we don't have to change anything!!

This is the first time Nathan has been sick since Parker was pretty tiny - so we have a VERY depressed baby boy over here today since his buddy has been ordered to not play with him.

I mean really. This is just pathetic. ;) Ha! LOVE how much they love each other.

Do you have any fun fall traditions you are doing this month??

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