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We heart fall.

It's gotten very cool here lately - especially in the mornings and evenings - and it's been SO nice! We've had a lot of rain too which just makes it so wonderful to stay home, drink coffee and stay in our jammies. Love it.

 Nathan had his second soccer game last weekend (it was freezing that morning!) and did fantastic. Like really fantastic. Jon and I were so impressed! He ran after the ball and got in front of people and guarded his goal. At one point, he even stole the ball from someone. He did his best and we were so proud of him!!

Love this sweet boy and his wonderful daddy. :)

This is one of my favorite times of the day. We get the boys in bed, change into our comfy clothes and Jon and I then snuggle up on the couch with dessert and watch whatever show we are currently in the middle of. Love this time with him. And I love lemon bars. ;)

Then on Sunday, we went to the State Fair with Gammy and Pops! We had the best time!

Nathan got to pet a kangaroo that had a little joey in her pouch! So amazing!!

And in his favorite, favorite part - he got to ride a real, live horse for the first time. We surprised him with a ride and he was flying high the rest of the day. ;)

My Parker Bear was totally happy to just be carried around the whole day. ;)

We love the State Fair!

This is a typical position for this child. I'm convinced that postpartum hair loss is 30% hormones and 70% being the edible leash for this boy.

The rain looked like it was going to hold off before dinner one night after Jon got home so we walked down to the neighborhood park to play a family baseball game. So fun.

Parker got to ride in the big kid seat on the stroller for the first time. He spent most of the walk holding on. Ha! Then it started raining and we had to run all the way home in the rain. Oh well. We needed showers anyway. ;)

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