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Things that make me happy

A few things that have been making me smile lately...

1. New tricks

Little Parker Bear is on the move!! He rolls all over the room now. ALL over. We spend a good part of the day racing to clean up Nathan's tiny toys before he gets to them. Parker is following in his brother's footsteps though - his favorite thing to do is roll to the TV cabinet and kick or hit the DVD player. ;)

I looked at him yesterday and he'd been rolling so much, he had rug burn on his face. :( Poor kid! He tries so hard to keep up with big brother.

2. Zoo days

We had a fantastic day at the zoo with our dear friends Jamie, Joel and Julia!! Love them so much.

3. Soccer games

He scored two goals last game and was the proudest kid you've ever seen. Love this picture of him, Coach Dad and Gammy. :)

4. First time playing at the park

He appeared to be a fan. ;)

5. Creative ideas

I told Nathan to go wash his hands the other day because he had just eaten some super juicy pear slices. He said, "Well, Mom. I was thinking maybe I could just not wash my hands and I could just eat and eat with my hands and get them all covered in sticky stuff so that then I could just stick to the wall like Spider-Man."

6. Post-nap giggles

Sweet giggles from Erynn Mangum on Vimeo.

I adore this boy.

7. Book clubs

I decided on a book!! Tune in tomorrow for the big reveal and how we are going to do this little club. ;)

Have a great Thursday!!

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