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Parker is six months old!!

Seriously. I do not know how this is possible.


He turned six months old on the 16th!! This boy is just such a delight! He is so over the top smiley, so funny, so loud, so goofy and so so so loves to be included in everything we are doing. He adores his big brother and his brother adores him. Love that they are still such buddies!! He gets extra happy when Jon gets home from work and kicks and kicks until Jon picks him up. But he's still a MAJOR Mama's boy and it's just totally unacceptable for me to be anywhere else except in the same room and holding him. ;)

His well-child appointment isn't until next week, but if I had to guess, I'd say he weighs about eighteen pounds. He's GIGANTIC. He's such a chub and I just love every single roll.

He has the funniest little laugh and he screeches like a baby pterodactyl about 85% of the day. When he's not screeching, he's busy yelling, "NUH NUH NUH" at us all day long. He LOVES to be held and he's never happier than when he's being carried everywhere. The Ergo has saved my arms a lot lately. ;)

A new trick from Erynn Mangum on Vimeo.

Parker learned so many new tricks this month! He can now sit by himself, he rolls over from his back to his tummy (and does it all night long and then gets stuck in the corner of his crib. We haven't been getting a lot of sleep here lately), he sticks his tongue out and he can pretend he's chewing gum. He gets SO proud of himself whenever he learns something new. It's about the cutest thing.

He also started eating solid foods this month! He's eating oatmeal, pears and sweet potatoes. I'm hoping to start avocado and green beans this coming week. His little tummy seemed to be not feeling good yesterday so I'm waiting a few days to try more food. He loves to eat his food though. I think he feels very big. :)

He's just the cutest, sweetest, funniest, snuggliest little six month old I know and I just adore him.

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