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Friday Five


At the risk of being a little corny and having too much alliteration, I've got five fun things this Friday! (And a kid who is just being super goofy right now.) :)

1. Book Club

We've thrown this idea around a LOT and now I'm officially ready to commit! Who is up for a VERY informal book club on here? The way I'm thinking it will work is one day a month, we will discuss via the comments a book we picked on the previous month. I think it will be a fun way to discover some new authors you may not have read and meet some friends on here! I have a couple of books in mind but I wanted to hear your thoughts first - what are some books you would recommend for this?? :)

2. Writing practice.

Parker "has a really hard name". ;) Love this.

3. Sweet potatoes.

Hmm...what is this?



You hate me.


I guess I've had worse.


This isn't too bad!

I like sweet potatoes!!


4. Bible study.

This little stud was being super loud during Bible study yesterday so we relocated out to the foyer so we weren't a major distraction. Love my baby pterodactyl. And Nathan talked the rest of the day about his class. Love how excited he is.

5. Brothers.

The weirdness is contagious. ;)

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