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Busy town

These past few weeks have been full of writing, playing, park time, soaking up the last of summer and very much getting excited about fall!

These two just love each other. So blessed by this! I pray that they love each other their entire lives every night when we tuck them in. :)

Nathan went on a run with me for the first time and did pretty good. He got a piggy back ride home though. I was wishing it was me getting the ride home. ;)

First day of Cubbies!! Yay for our fun fall activities starting!

We had a torrential downpour here while we were out getting groceries and Nathan was being so good to avoid all the puddles. I watched him trying to get into the car and just decided, this is ridiculous. So, I told him to run as fast as he could and go make the biggest splash in the biggest puddle. He LOVED it. He didn't stop talking about that the entire week. Everyone else in the parking lot just gave me weird looks but it was totally worth their condemnation. ;)

We had our first soccer practice!! This is Nathan's first organized sport so I'm curious how it's going to go. ;)

He had a HUGE smile for most of the practice time. :)

I cannot get enough of this face. Parker slept and ate and then played on a blanket - he did so well!

Tired boy! And someone was VERY excited to see his big brother after his two-hour practice was over!!

Sweaty mess. ;) We had to immediately drive to Sonic for slushes so he didn't melt into a little blue puddle. ;)

We've spent a good chunk of time lately moving my parents into their new house. This was the first time off the fun new pool slide. Yay!

Nothing better than ice cream dates at the smelly zoo with our favorite girls. :)


This guy is big enough to semi-sit in the cart by himself. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??

My sister came by and brought this with her - first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season! Lots of happy dancing in my house on this day. ;)

We took our last nap in the swaddle...

And our first one in his new Zippy. :)

It was Superhero night at CFA last Saturday, so Jon and I missed our first opening home game for the Lobos in YEARS and took the boys there instead.

Needless to say, it was very fun. ;) And our Lobos didn't do so hot, so it was for the best.

Yesterday, we went to Gammy and Pops' house to celebrate Pops' birthday and Labor Day with some swimming, hamburgers and chocolate pie.

It was a good day. :)

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