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Parker is Five Months Old!

I just can't. It's not even possible.

And yet. Here's my boy. In all his five month glory.

We had a little mini photo session yesterday to commemorate this month. Big brother helped get the smiles, though, honestly, it's not hard at all to get smiles out of this kid.

Parker is SO. MUCH. FUN. He is silly, loud, obnoxious and goofy. He loves attention, loves to laugh, loves to wiggle and hates to feel like he's not right in the middle of what is going on.

Everything that he can get his hands on goes straight to his mouth. Everything. And this month, he started wiggling around the floor. He hasn't quite mastered rolling back to front yet, but he can sit for a few seconds on his own and roll from his tummy to his back easily. His preferred way to go through life is being held and heaven forbid you leave him on the floor in a room by himself for more than .037 seconds unless he's asleep in his crib. ;)

He loves to dance. LOVES it. He loves being outside, loves chewing on stuff, loves his blanket and loves his family. He laughs and kicks and grins and yells at the top of his lungs all. day. long. And spits up. The boy is a master spitter-upper. Which means we are fond of him taking a bath every day. ;)

He's still exclusively nursing, he's still being swaddled at night and naps (despite a day or two of trying to go swaddle-less) and he's back to waking up at least once at night to eat - mostly I think because he has become so distracted during the day that the nighttime is the only time he actually focuses on eating (probably because big brother isn't there to make all kinds of noise).

He's just the funniest, sweetest, loudest, cutest little five month old and we are just absolutely in love with him!

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