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Hands full

I kept swearing all during our crazy spring that things were going to settle down and we were going to have lots of time to rest and relax during the summer.

Heh. Right.

Now I'm just aiming for a restful fall. ;)

Here's what we've been up to:

The day after Nathan's birthday, we started a week of VBS at our church. Our church does it at night and it was so fun for Nathan to get to do that special thing every day (and fun for me and Jon because we had lots of date nights that week!). He was SO excited and felt so big.

Love seeing hundreds of kids all worshiping Jesus!!

This little cutie head is in the middle of some growth spurts - the boy has been napping a LOT and eating even more (and he's back to eating once in the middle of the night again). He's still super happy and very, very loud when he's awake. ;)

More presents!! Aunt Cayce brought some awesome ones by (including a Spider-Man doll who has rarely left his side) and we got a very fun box in the mail from Uncle Caleb and Aunt Nicole. This kid is spoiled rotten.

Just chatting up the ladies. ;)

Caleb and Nicole got their wedding pictures back and I about died over this one of all my siblings. LOVE IT. Love these precious people!!

This kid worships his brother. Everything Nathan does is hilarious and brilliant. We will see how long it stays that way. ;)

Happy baby in the morning! Ignore my pile of donations in the corner. ;) We've been on a little bit of a cleaning out streak in our home and it's been GREAT getting rid of some extra stuff we don't need.

Love these two watching Sesame Street together.

We ordered a pizza the other night when we were over helping Mom and Dad pack up and when Jon went to pick it up, it didn't even fit in the front of the car. It was hands down the BIGGEST pizza I've ever seen in my whole life. SO funny.

Three goofy boys in the bed. They giggled in there for forever. So cute. I love these moments.

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