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Four Month and Four Year Appointments

Last week, Parker had his four month appointment and while we were there, the doctor mentioned that she could just go ahead and do Nathan's four-year well-child check up too.

It made for a very, very long visit there but it was nice not having to go back this week! ;)

These boys are gigantic. I mean it. GIGANTIC. But they are gigantic, healthy monsters and that's the most important thing. ;) We got a total of five shots between the two boys so there was some fussiness and lack of sleep that night, but it was definitely better to get it all over with at once.

Parker weighs 15 pounds, 9 ounces (42%) and is 27 inches long (97%). He grinned and laughed and spit up buckets and screamed during the shots and then slept so I felt like the doctor got to see all facets of my boy. Ha!

Nathan weighs 41 pounds (80%) and is 44 inches tall (98%). He laid perfectly still for his shots, grinned at me and then thanked the nurse. As we left, he told the doctor around a mouthful of sucker that she was "gorgeous."

And that is my biggest boy in a nutshell.

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