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Fantastic Fall Reading - the final day!

I hope you all have enjoyed this week! It's so fun to get to introduce you to what may be some new faces and new reading for y'all. I love my friends. A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this week possible!!

SO. :D

I have some extra, extra, EXTRA fun news for you all today!! As many of you know, my very first book that I ever published was Miss Match (seven years ago this last spring!!). Well, Miss Match, Rematch and Match Point all have some new looks going on now... (and if you are a follower on Facebook, then you've already seen a sneak preview of this!!)

What do you think??!! I absolutely LOVE them - I think it totally captures the spirit of the books. Miss Match is re-releasing on Kindle and Nook this weekend, Rematch will be re-releasing on Kindle and Nook on August 29th and Match Point will be re-releasing on Kindle and Nook on September 5th!

In more GREAT news - ALL of my novellas, which have previously been exclusively on Kindle will be available on Nook starting this week as well!! 

And in the BEST news....

You guys have been asking and asking and asking for years about whether or not this will ever happen and I have been responding, "probably not", "probably not", "probably not" over and over again... but today I am SO SO SO excited to announce that the Lauren Holbrook series is growing by one book this December!!

Yay!! Match Made, book four, is releasing this coming December!! I'm SO excited for you guys to meet a few new characters and to see what happens to the ones you already know. ;)

So so so excited!! I will keep you posted with updates and pre-order info and all the fun details!

Want to win a Kindle copy of the newly redecorated Miss Match?? :) Enter to win on our Rafflecopter below! (And this contest IS open to everyone - USA or not!)

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